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Nobeltec Admiral 9
Nobeltec Admiral 9
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    Code: SFT-ADML-009
    Price: $1,250.00 USD
    Here's What Jeppesen has to say about their Nobeltec Admiral Software:

    Jeppesen Marine proudly presents Nobeltec Admiral 9.

    Your yacht deserves nothing less than the most powerful electronic navigation solution available – Nobeltec® Admiral™ 9. This new version adds incomparable utility and flexibility to Admiral's already peerless list of capabilities. Admiral provides ultimate features for the professional user who wants an integrated bridge on a large or complex vessel.

    First, Admiral 9 starts with all the base features found in the award-winning Nobeltec Visual Navigation Suite™ (VNS™), then adds multi-monitor support, GlassBridge™ Network and data sharing, track line coloring, dual radar support, vessel scaling, AIS filtering, and the easy-to-use NavView touch-screen, big-button user interface. Along with all of these compelling features, Admiral 9 now adds four fully-customizable NavInfo panels for immediate display and histogram representation of key navigation data, a hand panning tool, GRIB and XM weather overlay options, a GPS signal strength and trip odometer display.

    NEW to Admiral 9:
  • Real-Time Tracking
  • Multi-Monitor Support
  • GlassBridge Network / Data Sharing
  • Enhanced Target Tracking (ARPA/MARPA, DSC, AIS, Tender)
  • Exclusive NavView Look and Feel
  • Support for Multiple Video/Camera Inputs
  • Single And Dual Radar Support
  • 3D Engine with Shaded Relief

    Multi-Monitor Support
    Use a single computer to display Admiral on multiple monitors. Use the View Manager to easily configure each display, making it easy to know exactly what’s going on around your vessel. Configure each screen to your exact specifications for a larger viewing area. For example, with one PC and three monitors, you can display a traditional electronic chart on one screen, a Passport Bathy Map on a second, and Radar Overlay on a third.

    NavInfo Panel and Strip Charts
    Configure and customize the display of over 50 different data types for meaningful on-screen representation. Simply double-click a value to switch to Strip Chart (histogram) display and easily measure averages over time! Admiral includes four fully customizable NavInfo panels.

    Comprehensive Target Tracking
    See other vessels and potential threats instantly. Admiral clearly displays AIS and Radar targets and warns you of the dangers they pose based on range, bearing and speed. Detect threats based on your own time and range criteria and add precious time to your decision-making process when critical situations arise. Never be caught off -guard again! (If using pre-existing radar or AIS equipment, check manufacturer’s guide to determine if a connection can be made to Admiral.)

    GlassBridge™ Network Support
    Multiple computers can now work together as part of a network, providing you with reliability, redundancy and power! The GlassBridge networking solution allows instant sharing of NMEA data, radar overlay, navigation objects, and even Passport charts between all computers on the network. Bring a “planning” laptop from home and connect immediately to an onboard network. Install Passport charts once and share across the GlassBridge Network!

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